Format Tasmota MQTT String to floating number in Paper UI with JSONPATH

Good evening,
i have a problem formating the JSON string which comes over MQTT to Openhab. The MQTT String {"Time":"2019-06-04T22:46:55","AM2301":{"Temperature":22.4,"Humidity":58.9},"TempUnit":"C"} should be formatted to two number items. But the Number items are rounded to integers. The Incoming value transformation is JSONPATH:$.AM2301.Temperature and the outgoing value format %.2f is completely ignored.

Is there a way to tune the JSONPATH, so that the output is a float and not an integer?

thanks in advance


My channels for temperature and humidity are set as Number Value Channels, with the incoming and transformation as you stated. However the outgoing transformation is set to “%s”. The items are setup as numbers as well.
Both items (temperature and humidity) do show the decimal values.

Thanks for your answer, but cache cleaning and restarting solved the problem spontaneously.

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