Format the average sum of group item

Hi everyone! I don’t know if this is straightforward, and I’m just too stupid to do it. I want to have an average temperature of each floor of the building. Therefore, I created a new group item and added some group members. All of them are of type Number:Temperature. All temperatures seem to be formatted to have two digits after the delimiter, usually. But the average doesn’t. I just had an extreme case with 1/3 result. How can I format the number here? I only found tips about the usual [%.2f °C] formatting code added to the label, but this doesn’t work. Maybe because I created the item via GUI? There is no place where I can edit the source code of it, I didn’t find it at least…

Here are some screenshots:

If I add the conversion tag to the item’s label, this doesn’t change anything: (different item here, but configured the same)

Add State Description metadata and set the pattern to %.2f °C. The Item label is primarily used by sitemaps only. MainUI requires State Description to format how the Item appears.

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Thanks, that worked. I remember that I already used the metadata property somewhere else, but that one didn’t come to my mind :slight_smile: