Formatting Date/Time in Widgets - How?

Platform OH 3 (Milestone) on Synology NAS with Docker

I am trying to combine multiple items in a list widget and format the date

value: ""
  visible: =(items.DWDUnwetterWarnungenFelsberg_Warning1.state == "ON")
  title: =items.DWDUnwetterWarnungenFelsberg_Headline1.state
  subtitle: =("Gültig von "+ items.DWDUnwetterWarnungenFelsberg_ValidFrom1.state +
    " bis " + items.DWDUnwetterWarnungenFelsberg_ValidTo1.state)

The result is

I would like to make the dates more readable and tried many different ways that I could find in this forum. All failed and I could not get it working,

The State description I defined for both DateTimeTypes is “%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM”

I appreciate any support and hint

Maybe try „displayState“ instead of „.state“

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Thank you - That I had not found