Forum Tag "zwave" = 404 Page not found

I don’t know where to put this… @Kai ?

There’s a tag “zwave”, that seems to be a duplicate of “z-wave”, or vice versa.

It always errors in “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”, giving the impression that something is misconfigured (it is :wink: ) or that zWave information doesn’t exist.


Only by coincidence I found the “z-wave” tag.

I have consistently found that z-wave works and is more correct than zwave. Kai does not know why zwave errors for some people. I have already asked.

Z-Wave is the actual correct term for the protocol.

Isn’t it possible to assign all “zwave” posts to “z-wave”, and then delete the “zwave”…

I doubt it. There was a suggestion they add auto-close to old inactive threads but they declined to implement.

auto-close? What I mean is that the forum software probably has admin capabilities to manage tags. If not, it’s probably possible to dig into the db and set references, or simply rename occurrences of “zwave” to “z-wave”, depending on how the data structure is…

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If you find something on the Discourse forum software, they may take a look at it. That is how we got auto-close for newer inactive threads.

I don’t know what you are talking about, but no problem - I just wanted to bring this to attention, so an adminstrator can fix it.


This is implemented but it’s not retroactive. It only applies to be thread. Old thread relation open.

None of the forum admins have the knowledge necessary to correct the problem.

We are aware of the preview but don’t yet know how to fix it.

@rlkoshak @Bruce_Osborne @cris

It is possible to correct this manually. You first have to find a topic containing tag “zwave”. Then delete tag “zwave” and readd tag “z-wave”. BUT this will cause the topic to be shown as modified and is shown again on top of the “latest” category. I did this in the past for testing. But it’s very hard to find such topics. And I guess it is unwanted to show the old topics again in “latest” category?

P.S. Another testing brought that not all changed topics appearing in “Latest” category, but I don’t know the reason…

P.P.S. I found out the reason when appearing in “Latest” category again. If a topic has zero replies!

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@Celaeno1 Can I suggest not to go through and change the tags. There are nearly 3000 messages tagged with zwave - you’re never going to be able to change them all, and in the meantime as you say, this bumps very old messages to the top of the forum which makes it look like they are new posts.

I think this is quite confusing, and previously we were trying to close down old topics rather than bring them to the top of the forum. I appreciate that the tagging not working is a real pain in the backside, but I don’t think changing every post is the answer.

(just my 2c worth :wink: ).

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If it errors only for some people, then an admin should be able to find posts with the “zwave”-tag without error!? But if it’s only fixable by hand, one by one, then it’s probably not a job anyone wants. :grimacing:

If I look at the Advanced Search, it looks like “zwave” is the most occurring tag, after “openhab2”, so it is a somewhat prominent problem:
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 09.55.51
Side note: Another bug: The popup window look like there are only 5 tags to choose from (until “items”), because it doesn’t scroll.

It is not a bug. These are the top 5 tags that have been used most often. If you want to search for other tags, you have to type it in.

These 2873 message appear all over the place while browsing the forum for Z-Wave issues, no matter if they are old/new. And my first impression was “Go away, try Google, or give up, because this forum has no information regarding the search term in relation to to Z-Wave”.

I consider this “Page not found” more important than the sorting of those posts.

BUT, as the software seems to be Discourse I googled :wink: for “Discourse tag”, and it comes up with this:

According to that it is possible to manage tags.

I would try to just rename the tag to “zwave1”, only to see if that has some effect (error message, or tag-search working again)…

Then there’s the option to rename the tag - either that gives an option to merge it with the existing “z-wave” tag, but more likely will produce an error “Tag exists already”.

If the latter, a strategy could be to rename “z-wave” to “z-wave-temp”, then rename “zwave” to “z-wave”. IF that works, it would have the advantage to keep way more post tagged with the correct term.

If nothing works, I would just delete the “zwave” tag as it is of no use. It’s better to loose that tag on 2873 messages, than the “Error - No information” it produces.

And one other idea, maybe the “zwave” tag has some issue regarding to this:

If there’s a relation / group / category restriction for the “zwave” tag, it maybe helps to remove / change it temporarily, in case something is wrongly set, or corrupted.

And while at it, there seem to be some junk-tags:

Lastly, whoever created the “zwave” tag should be flogged and quartered, to at least get a little justice. :crazy_face: His family shouldn’t be touched, we shouldn’t be too strict. (Error 404 - No generous looking smiley found)

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And probably a related find to the problem:


“zwave:serial_zstick” is probably a problem (colon allowed in a tag?).

The preview says there are 5 posts with that tag.
But it brings up only one post with that tag:

While it finds 13 other posts with only the “zwave” tag, other tags, or no tags at all.

I remember this tag (“zwave”) was running until beginning of 2019.

Maybe I found the reason. Someone used probably a tag “zwave+” .

Now I found a workaround to find all tags with “zwave”.

Please use this search:

For seeing this, please use:

Maybe we should rename it to “zwave_serial_zstick”?

Doing this from the search UI, it produces this link:
(Your working link comes from clicking on the tag in the result list.)

Good find with the “zwave+”.

Now there are many approaches to solve the problem.

There are only 197 topics with tag “zwave” AND zero replies!

See here.

They will appear in “latest” category if modifying them… (we could do 10 of them a day, then in 20 days it will be over…)


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Solving this at the tag-level will probably not modify the posts date. (?)

According to the manual bulk operations are possible.

Renaming the current two tags to something,
then creating a new “z-wave” tag,
then applying that new tag to the two old tags posts,
then deleting the two old tags,
should be possible. And quick & effortless.

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Wow - you got that interpretation from my statement of not changing the tag as it would raise everything up as new posts? :confounded: The forum can be searched, you can use tags, or you can type in the search terms. If you use tags, there is a list of all the tags and you can use these to filter. Obviously you’ve done this as you know how many posts are tagged with zwave. I’m really not sure what you’re issue is here?