Forum Tag "zwave" = 404 Page not found

Do we really need to manage tags like this? Is it really that hard to navigate the system? Even before the zwave tag stopped working, people used both tags - there is nothing to stop anyone tagging things as they like, and while it’s nice to have everything consistent and eliminate or consolidate tags, do we really need to do that as a group?

I don’t think so personally. The forum is perfectly searchable now and it’s really a pain to go and change everything as everyone gets notified of these changes (I had something like 50 notifications this morning - most were from the renaming of the tags).

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Research how to automatically do this in Discourse and get back to us. I am sure your contribution of a script would be welcomed.

I personally don’t need this to be cleaned up. I now know how to search… (see above)…

But maybe others find it better to do so…


I do not get your point, and I don’t know why so aggressive (again). I tried to express "Finding information (not running into page not found) is more important than post sorting. MY opinion, nothing more.

You tend to see things from only your perspective, which is Beginner-incompatible.

One of many other perspectives: A user tries to find good software for zWave hardware, has three browser windows open, two competitors. He has never used this forum before, clicks the zwave tag, no information - there are two other windows waiting for him…

If you don’t see why plenty of non-working links on a webpage is not good, I can’t help.

The webpage and the forum is the first face for anyone interested in OpenHab. It should be washed.

If you don’t need working tags as a daily user, that’s very fine. Now I: I would like to use it.

And finally, editing posts is not required, but no one seems to read the manual of the forum software: Forum Tag "zwave" = 404 Page not found

There you will also find who can create tags. I don’t know how forum administration is organized, but probably there shouldn’t be 5 people with the right to create tags…

@Bruce_Osborne: This thread contains in all length what I found. It was said that “None of the forum admins have the knowledge necessary to correct the problem.”, so my contribution was trying to help finding a solution, and I already posted what I think is the solution. I can’t help if you guys over-read given information, and it makes conversation quite exhausting.
My personal impression in this forum is that some people read WAY too fast, or maybe unconsciously selective…

Sorry - I wasn’t being aggressive at all (again). I was simply questioning that you quoted me and then stated that your “impression was I was effectively saying go away and try google” - I’m not sure how you got that impression from my message? Strange and confusing - sorry if that was aggressive. Maybe it is you misinterpreting things (again)?

Sorry - I try to help beginners such as yourself - I spend a LOT of time trying to help beginners. Maybe it’s time for me to stop trying to help?

I’m just not a big fan of rewriting history. The search system in the forum works just fine as it is - the changing of tags won’t really change that. I’m just not a fan of editing history.

Then you should quote the whole context:

That’s not impossible. Especially since english is my very second language. :slight_smile:

Please don’t play that game. We all, including me, appreciate the countless work you put into OH. I can estimate how much effort this is for you, because I spend my free time in some way similar.
Everything else we should probably discuss in private messages, or not. I’m not important here, you are.

Which is probably not required to change.

Any forum user can create tags on their post. Tags are not something that only maintainers or administrators create. You can create new tags when you write a post. Given that OH supports 350 or so different technologies each of which can have more than on reasonable tag, it’s not reasonable to centralize tag creation into one or two individuals.

As far as I can tell, this forum is not set up anything like is described at but as a moderator I can’t see the Settings tag to look around. I’m not sure that renaming the tag would work as, IIRC, it’s the database that’s throwing an error on that one tag and it’s not clear the best way to correct the database.

I agree with Chris, I don’t like the idea of rewriting the tags on those old posts, bringing some of them back to the top of the list in latest and generate add it to the alert queue for each and every user who is watching that thread. Imagine the complaints when hundreds of users come here to ask why they are receiving an email about a post that was made five years ago. Those of us who have been on this forum from the beginning would end up receiving thousands of new notifications.

I would like to see a fix for this problem but it has to be done in a way that is less disruptive. And it will have to be done by an admin.

As for search, I’m not sure that, for this forum, tags were ever intended as a searching mechanism. Experts in certain technologies/parts of OH will subscribe to tags and get alerts when someone creates a post with that tag. If you want to browse around, that’s what categories are for. If you want to search, the search searches the full contents of posts, not just tags. So I’m not sure how this broken tag impacts search at all. It mainly impacts someone who is creating a new post.

I’m not playing any game so I don’t understand your point. I certainly never said that you were not important or that I’m more important - never - so please don’t say that I did! Earlier you stated that my perspective was “beginner incompatible” and I was simply pointing out that I spend a lot of my time here helping beginners.

But it does change history - changing tags is changing what someone did a long time ago. Maybe it’s minor, but changing tags from zwave, or aeonzstick or whatever, that have been mentioned, to be something that you think is easier to search on is (IMHO) not right or appropriate.

Again, everyone has their own view here, and again, I’m not saying that my view is better than yours, or anything like that - I’m simply stating my personal view. I’ll now vacate this discussion.

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