Four instances for Zwave

  • Platform information:Raspberry pi4
    • Hardware: CPUArchitecture/RAM/storage
    • OS: _2.5
      I Just have installed Openhab, i have had a lot of systems but all of them had problems, mainly using with Google (voice)
      I have finally installed Zwave but the system had 4 ports and i had installed 4 times Zwave before i got zwave online. How to throw away the wrong devices? The trash gives a dialog and the only thing rest is cancel Too bad you can not edit just one device,
      Zwave serial controller online
      Zwave serial controller Offline communication error
      Zwave serial controller offline bridge ofline
      Zwave serial controller offline bridge offline
      Too bad i see i can not insert a printscreen here

what do you mean by “I installed ZWave” ? Created a ZWave controller thing ?
Things can be deleted in PaperUI or habmin.

Yes i create a Zwave controller thing but i did it four times because i had 4 ports The first time i create zwave serial device it gives Offline communication error, there was no way to go back to the dialog where you got the usb port. Deleting the device won’t work, the last of the 3 picto’s is the trash and clicing on the trash gives a new dialog, with remove and cancel, the dialog stays on top and the only thing you can do is click cancel,

Assuming you talk about PaperUI (that orange one …), you can access the list of things from the left hand side menu, then use the trash icon(s).

But that does nothing, you got a dialog with remove yes but then the dialoog keeps open and the rest is frozen until you say cancel.

installed Openhab again, now de trash is working.