Frame-Widget and Items

Hello everybody,

I have formulated a map in an HTML file and use the standard frame widget to display it. The file is in the “HTML” directory and it works quite well so far.
Now I would like to display information from number and contact items in the same widget. Unfortunately that doesn’t work so far. Is it even possible and can someone help me?

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The tag used is normally for finished solutions.

Well you can basically do anythingiin an HTMLoof an webview. But this is then not concerned to OH except if you would use the REST API to set or get something.
Moreoveryyour explanation is very short, so this is the only answer to give: yes you can basically do anything within the webview, even use some well known framework such as vuejs to accelerate and easy more complex tasks

If you just want OH items there, you must display them in the HTML and their values can be set via calls to the rest api of oh

Sorry, I’m still something of a “beginner”. Then tomorrow I will present my solution here and hope that someone can help me with my change requests.

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