Frame widget refresh

I have an mp4 video file (ring.mp4) that is shown in a frame widget from a ring camera, is there any way to refresh the frame widget on an updated ring.mp4 file?

Edit : this is in habpanel, the frame widget

Please provide more information.
The reader has no clue what UI you are referring to.

Frame widget, sounds like Habpanel UI.

Have you tried using a html file and using WebView widget? you can then use html refresh code.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="60">
<body bgcolor="black">

code to display mp4 file here....


yeh it is, it can refresh everxy x seconds but i was looking to refresh only when there is a change in file (the file name stays the same just gets overwritten )

I need it to detect a file has changed and then reload the frame. its the ring video doorbell binding that im using witht the habpanel frame widget.