Freebox Binding / OH3 / Confused about "phone" configuration

I’ve just setup the freebox binding on a fresh OpenHAB 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT installation.

It works fine for the “server” (the box itself) but i’m really confused about the phone configuration.
I declared it exactly like in the documentation, as a “phone” thing (nested inside the “bridge” configuration) :

Bridge freebox:server:fb "Freebox Mini 4K" [ fqdn="", refreshInterval=60, useOnlyHttp=true, discoverPhone=true, discoverNetDevice=false, discoverNetInterface=false, discoverAirPlayReceiver=true, appToken="UtBGnXSTsLlzl8Zjw33bpOr+drUAI/qt3rYmGLkSQlYcfr3da1hIA0nf48pWxUXZ" ] {
     Thing phone Phone "Phone" [ refreshPhoneInterval=30, refreshPhoneCallsInterval=120 ]

But the “discovery” is still showing a discovered phone with another ID : “freebox:phone:fb:wired”
Of course i can disable the “discoverPhone” attribute, but my problem is that with this current configuration, all my “phone attributes” are NULL … so something is wrong.

So the “auto discovered” phone ID is “freebox:phone:fb:wired”
The manually declared one (per the configuration) is “freebox:phone:fb” (and items are not populated with that one). Example of my freebox.items is a) exactly like the documentation and b) exactly like what is auto-generated through VSCode extension.
Ex. :

Switch      Freebox_ringing                   "Freebox Phone / Phone ringing"                                     {channel="freebox:phone:fb:Phone:state#ringing"}

Any ideas ?

Your setup thing UID is not “freebox:phone:fb” but “freebox:phone:fb:Phone”.

Enable DEBUG logs to see what happens