Freenas OH2.5 to Debian10 OH3.0

I am in a bit of a pickle, I have openhab 3.0 up and running beautifully in Debian 10 in a VM, loving it.

But I have a running 2.5 installation in a freenas jail on another server, I have a ton of things and items created in the paperui. My plan was to do a openhab-cli backup and restore that in the new OH3 environment.

The first roadblock I have run into is that I cant get the cli command working in the freenas jail, It looks like it was never working automatically either as the backup folder was empty.

I have copied the jsondb .json files to my new OH3 vm and wonder if it’s just a simple create a zip of them and restore that?

It would crush me if I had to manually enter them all again, just one device (BMS) has about 60 items with it.

Have a look into how openhab-cli / backup creates the backup files.
Then you can create the backup files using the command line.

You should be able to get the backup and restore either working or look in the script to see how the backup and restore is performed to make sure you get everything. The JSONDB files alone is not sufficient to have a full backup.

Also note that there needs to be changes made to the JSONDB files between OH 2.5 and 3.0. So a straight copy won’t work if the versions are different. The biggest one is references to org.eclipse.smarthome needs to be replaced with org.openhab.

Having said all that, recreating the Items might not be as big of a problem as you might think. Create/discover the Things and then you can very rapidly create a bunch of Items linked to the Channels from the Model using Create Equipment from Thing.

ah yes, that makes sense, on my research/readings of 2.5 to 3.0 I did see a few changes to the jsondb data structure.

I might try Create Equipment from Thing and see if it will speed up the migration.