Frequent connect/disconnect to my.openHAB service?

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in my log I can see frequently the following Error messages:

2015-10-19 06:00:01.458 [ERROR] [.myopenhab.internal.MyOHClient] - Socket.IO error: com.github.nkzawa.engineio.client.EngineIOException: xhr poll error
2015-10-19 06:00:01.473 [INFO ] [.myopenhab.internal.MyOHClient] - Disconnected from my.openHAB service (UUID = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, base URL = http://localhost:8080)
2015-10-19 06:00:11.972 [INFO ] [.myopenhab.internal.MyOHClient] - Connected to my.openHAB service (UUID = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, base URL = http://localhost:8080)

What is “xhr poll error”? What causes this error? Is there any chance to avoid this error?
–edit 1: sometimes the error is “xhr post error
–edit 2: not sure whether this is related to each other but I also see sometimes this error (less often than the previous one)

2015-10-19 11:53:59.741 [ERROR] [.myopenhab.internal.MyOHClient] - JSONObject["sitemap"] not a string.

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Hi to all of you

I have also some troubles with my.openhab. My system runs on a ODROID U3 and it alsways works when I´m in my home network. Most of the time it also works via my.openhab but after a while, sometimes a month, sometimes a week, I can´t see my sitemap, niether in the browser nor in OpenHab app, although it says I´m online at my.openhab.

Maby someone has the same sort of problem and could help me pls?