Fresh install but no sitemap folder?

Hi I just installed Openhab2 but my sitemap folder is empty. What is the easyes way to install a basic sitemap file so I can login to my openHab?

Thanks Alan

AS I responded on the other thread where you asked this same question. Please read the Beginner’s Tutorial and then read the sitemaps documentation that I provided on the other thread and that sihui kindly supplied here again.

Maybe he is waiting for an answer on his third post for the same question … :santa:

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is this the best / easyes way to create my start up? Or is it some other ways to crate the three needed files?

/ Alan

OK, now I’m getting frustraited.

@Lilja, please open ONE new thread and post your question there.

Other members of the community, please do not respond to this or the other three or four postings at the bottom of ancient threads.

All of this belongs in ONE thread.

After some trouble shooting i belive I found the rrot couse not to be the site map, more likely that my Openhab installation on Ubunty platform did not work. Maybe as its not starting? Or some error in the installation. However as my installation on my Windows computer worked directly. So I will start to setup my OpenHab on my windows platfor teporary. When I have made my setup files working can I use the same files from my windows Open Hab and then use them on a Linux installation?

Sorry for my bad English (not from a enlgish speaking contry)