Fresh install on Raspberry 3 (oh vers 3.3.0) but after restore no existing chart data from old backup

dear community,

i have installed my new raspberry because my old sd card was gone. but i had from day before a working backup. have installed it through the normal guide. after login via putty i have uploaded my backup zip to the /var/lib/openhab/backups and restored through sudo openhabian-config.

all is here but the chart data (old temperatures and so) not. only from the day i have restored i can see the chart data (in thise case since yesterday):

can anybody helps me how i can restore my old chart data?

thank you

what kind of backup did you create ? An openhab-cli like backup that stores backups in /var/lib/openhab/backup ?
This kind of backup - as far as I know - does not contain data that is required for persistence services.
The backup script does not know where your persisted data is being stored ( keep in mind it can be on the OH server as well as on other systems ) and thus cannot create a backup for these.
Using openhabian you can create a clone or a backup of your SD card that one will include the persisted data in case it is stored on the SD card.

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Thank you @Wolfgang_S for your information. But where i can save the data through a script?
or how is hould find the data for the charts on the old sd (when possible to recover)?

thank you much

I think rrd4j persistency data are backed-up by the Openhab backup.

Thank you @thefathefa . can you maybe tell how i can restore this data or where i can find it?
thank you so much

You should first check if you did activate rrd4j persistency.
If yes, then it is back-ed up and restored automatically for you, nothing to do.

You can see the persistency files in this folder userdata/persistence/rrd4j

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Thank you. This was not enabled. that means no backup, right? but for futuere i always activte this checkbox.

thank you so much.

many greets

I’m afraid yes… You may also want to check the way rrd4j works and how to configure it. I would start from the page dedicated to it on openhab site.

is there a possibility to get the old data (because in old system all was there) from recovery company? where this data should be saved in database? maybe i can restor through a desaster recovery.thank you so much

i can recover these paths:

one more thing: from my backup i have attached a screenshot. should this not be the data? how i can recover that?

I just had a look into a backup zip file.
Indeed rrd files are included in the backup.


7z l | tail


2022-09-17 14:28:08 .....       755692         1357  userdata/persistence/rrd4j/localHours48SnowVolume.rrd
2022-09-17 14:28:08 .....       542416         1034  userdata/persistence/rrd4j/Station_Open_3.rrd
2022-09-17 14:28:09 .....       755692        22945  userdata/persistence/rrd4j/localHours01Dewpoint.rrd
2022-09-17 14:28:09 .....       542416         1009  userdata/persistence/rrd4j/OutdoorCamcellMotionAlarm.rrd
2022-09-17 14:28:10 .....       755692        17567  userdata/persistence/rrd4j/localCurrentHumidity.rrd
2022-09-17 14:28:09 .....       755692         9350  userdata/persistence/rrd4j/localTomorrowMorningTemperature.rrd
2022-09-17 14:28:12 .....       755692         1358  userdata/persistence/rrd4j/localDay6SnowVolume.rrd
2022-09-17 14:28:10 .....       542416         1007  userdata/persistence/rrd4j/ZWaveNode004FGMS001MotionSensor_TamperAlarm.rrd
------------------- ----- ------------ ------------  ------------------------
2022-09-17 14:28:18          167143847      2846764  466 files, 56 folders

2 axis, i think:

  • activate rrd4j on the “new” system
  • check if the rrd4j folder is there on your “new” system. If yes, then previous point should fix everything. If not, then you might need to copy manually from your latest backup with the db inside the folder with rrd4j db, on the new system