Fresh OH 2.4 setup, zwave dimmers in UI are switchin to ON automatically after switching OFF

Using Paper UI on 2.4.
From the control page I switch the dimmer into ‘ON’ state and the light goes on.
Then I switch it OFF, the light goes off and then the UI pops into ‘ON’ state again.
To turn the light back on, I have to press ‘OFF’ (no effect on the light, which is still off) and then ‘ON’.

I had this too, numerous times. I set the lifeline again and did a heal and that resolved it.

What do you mean by ‘set the lifeline again’?
Should I enable ‘heal’ switch for all things?

Try a heal on the effected device. Then set the Association group to Controller and see if this helps. It worked for me

Thank you for the suggestion Kris.
In the properties of the thing I set the ‘Controller Updates’ in the “Association Groups” setting to ‘Controller’.
Then under “Show More” I enabled “Heal the device” and saved.
It seems that it didn’t help to resolve the issue.
Providing debug log and continuing this issue over at Z-wave things lose their Lifeline Association Group