Fresh package installation question

I have been using OH2 a couple months. I did an initial test setup on a raspberry PI, got through the configuration, and even have a (mostly) complete UI using HABpanel. Thank you to all the developers who have contributed to making this package!

I am about to move to using a NUC mini-pc that I have, instead of using the PI. I know that there is a release candidate for OH2, but it isn’t out yet. When I started I had done the setup using the openhab2-offline packages, pointing at the snapshot repository. I had to move that over to the openhab2 package when that change was made, but I believe I am still pointing at the snapshot repo. When this happened, I had to remove the old packages and put in the new ones, since they had a different name.

My question is, in setting up the new machine, what is the transition plan once OH2 is released? I would prefer to just set this up with the ‘release’ package repo, so that I can do the setup, and once the final version is out, I can just do an update. It looks like the docs still show a testing and and unstable repository. I’m just trying to avoid extra work if I do the setup now, and have to change repos, and possibly uninstall and reinstall packages when the release actually happens.

The official OH 2 will be released early next week. If you can wait a few days you can start with the first stable release.

I believe the install procedures for the stable release repos will be updated.

I don’t know myself what would be different.

Assuming you have a recent snapshot or at least Beta5 then you should be able to copy over your config and userdata folders (/etc/openhab and /var/lib/openhab) and be good to go. You might need to do some new configuration work though such as:

  • dongles on different ports
  • myopenhab will have a new uuid and secret
  • nest will need to be reauthenticated

Great, thank you. I will probably just wait until next week to do the setup, and continue using the test machine until then.

Thanks again.