Friends of HUE switch not always triggering

Hi There,

I’m using a Friend of Hue Switch (Busch-Jaeger) and want to use the trigger signal in OpenHAB.
The binding finds the switch automatically, but not all the triggers are given.
If I check the HUE app, the events are shown, so the switch is working.

Rule I’m using for testing what event is triggered:

rule “HUE Switch LR Front”
Channel “hue:0830:xxxx:6:tap_switch_event” triggered
logInfo(“Switch Test”, “HUE switch event {} was triggered”, receivedEvent)

Anyone an idea?


Could you use Rest API to see if the triggers are showing?

Well I found out that the status propertie of the switch does what I want, so I used that.

It’s become a bit of a huge script for a simple switch.

Short press and theres one status change to 16-19 (depending on what switch is pressed)
Long press and theres a status change to 20-23 (depending on what switch is pressed)
But upon release it’ll change the status back to 16-19.

So to use a long press, you need a while loop in the switch statement that wait for the status to change.