Fritzbox binding buggy

Hi all

Just a note that the Fritzbox binding has uninstalled ALL my bindings! This was reproduced 3 times. For me this is utterly unacceptable. Did anyone notice the same ugly behaviour?

Please check your addons.cfg for any entries: you cannot install bindings via addons.cfg AND PaperUI at the same time. This would lead to the problem you mentioned.

actually that was not the problem. i only had bindings via paperUI at work, no double entries in one and the other… as explained, happened 3 times on new installations. annoying like hell if all your bindings are just deinstalled. i could watch them go in the lower right corner. viruses usually do these types of stuff.

which fritzbox-binding do you mean?
I have fritzboxtr0641 ( running without a problem. Usually what you describe happens as sihui already said, if you mix addons.cfg and PaperUI installations.

binding-avmfritz - 2.2.0

Yeah, looks like a fixed bug:

Indeed, this happed to mee as well.
I wondered, why i suddenly could not control anything over the app, but everything works fine over google assistant.
As i took a look @ openhab PaperUI, i saw all binding were gone …
Didn’t know the reason till now