From openhabian to raspbian

Is there a way to switch from openhabian image to raspbian full os?

You’d be better off backing up your OH configuration and importing it into a fresh Raspbian install.

If I recall correctly, the openhabian image is a modified version of Raspbian Lite, so any “upgrade Lite to Full” procedure you find on the web should theoretically work. However, there are enough changes (e.g. raspi-config isn’t included in openhabian) that I doubt it will work well.

Of course, you can always make a backup of your SD card and try it to see what happens. Worst case is that you switch to the backup.

Are you sure your device has the resources to run HA and the full OS graphical environment too?

It doesn´t really have to be the FULL installation with desktop. After years of openhab I deleted it :upside_down_face:
There have been times when I was happy with openhab. But I have decided to work on a different platform now.
Openhabian image is still installed, but i could manage to install most things I needed. Even raspi-config @rpwong mentioned.
But there are too many problems with rights and folders. But only sometimes…somehow I got things running after hours.
For the moment it works…

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I don´t know…RPI 4

If you’re not going to use openHAB, then I’d definitely just set up a fresh Raspbian image. It’ll be way faster than trying to update the old installation.

So you meant the Lite Os image then, not the full one. That is different and you should have no major issues.

Simply install the packages you want to have.
OpenHABian image is Raspberry Pi OS lite (minus the raspi-config package).