Fronius Primo 5.01 Solar Invertor and OpenHab 2.4

Hi All

Just wondering who has a Fronius invertor and what you’re able to monitor with the system via OpenHab and potentially how you’ve integrated rules and so on to manage your energy

My home network is quite complex and consumes ALOT of power now, so Im looking at Solar solutions as we have a good rebate system in Australia that offsets the cost, along with the long warranties means its producing power for a very long time.


Shows the data that is available (if your setup supports it)

I mostly record it and created graphics from it.

The only rule I have around the fronius, is I have an update field that tells me the last time I received an update from fronius.

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Thank you, I saw the binding.

Nice, I new so bear with me.
1:I running openhab 2.4 on a IP
2: I just add the Binding.
3:.then copy the things folder and items. To my config files.

Did I do this ok

I keep looking but can’t find out what to write in site maps so I can see the numbers.

I have

Text item=Patronus_Day_Energy valuecolor=[>30=“green”,>25=“blue”,>15=“yellow”,>5=“orange”,<=5=“red”]
Text item=Patronus_AC_Powery
Text item=Patronus_Day_Energy
Text item=Patronus_Year_Energy
Text item=Patronus_Total_Energy
Text item=Patronus_FAC
Text item=Patronus_IAC
Text item=Patronus_IDC
Text item=Patronus_UAC
Text item=Patronus_UDC
Text item=Patronus_Grid_Power
Text item=Patronus_Load_Power
Text item=Patronus_Battery_Power
Text item=Patronus_LastUpdate valuecolor=[Patronus_LastUpdate >120=“orange”, Patronus_LastUpdate >300=“red”]

With this in an fronius.items

Number Patronus_AC_Powery “Watt nu” <sun>(gGrafana, gSolar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachannelpac” }
Number Patronus_Day_Energy “KW vandaag” <sun> (gGrafana, gSolar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneldayenergy” }
Number Patronus_Total_Energy “KW Totaal” <sun> (gGrafana, gSolar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneltotal” }
Number Patronus_Year_Energy “KW Jaar” <sun>(gGrafana, gSolar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachannelyear” }
Number Patronus_FAC “FAC” (gGrafana, gSolar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachannelfac” }
Number Patronus_IAC “IAC” (gGrafana, gSolar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneliac” }
Number Patronus_IDC “IDC” (gGrafana, gSolar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachannelidc” }
Number Patronus_UAC “UAC” (gGrafana, gSolar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneluac” }
Number Patronus_UDC “UDC” (gGrafana, gSolar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneludc” }
Number Patronus_Grid_Power “Grid” (gGrafana, gSolar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:powerflowchannelpgrid” }
Number Patronus_Load_Power “Load” (gGrafana, gSolar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:powerflowchannelpload” }
Number Patronus_Battery_Power “Battery” (gGrafana, gSolar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:powerflowchannelpakku” }

DateTime Patronus_LastUpdate “Laatste Update [%1$tA %1$tR]” <clock>


Can I asked why…
1: Patronus did you add that your self?
2: what’s … (gGrafana, gSolar) are there for your chart’s
3: DateTime Patronus_LastUpdate “Laatste Update [%1$tA %1$tR]” <clock> I like to now what this is.
4: Text item=Patronus_Day_Energy valuecolor=[>30=“green”,>25=“blue”,>15=“yellow”,>5=“orange”,<=5=“red”]
is this for your chart’s too.

So far I got…

in home.sitemaps

Frame label=“Information”
Group item=Solar label=“Solar” icon=“Solar”

in home.items

Group Solar (Solar)

Number AC_Powery (Solar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachannelpac” }

Number Day_Energy(Solar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneldayenergy” }

Number Total_Energy(Solar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneltotal” }

Number Year_Energy (Solar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachannelyear” }

Number FAC (Solar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachannelfac” }

Number IAC (Solar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneliac” }

Number IDC (Solar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachannelidc” }

Number UAC (Solar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneluac” }

Number UDC (Solar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneludc” }

Number Grid_Power (Solar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:powerflowchannelpgrid” }

Number Load_Power (Solar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:powerflowchannelpload” }

Number Battery_Power (Solar) { channel=“fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:powerflowchannelpakku” }

1: Patronus did you add that your self?
It’s part of the name. You can name your items any way you want

2: what’s … (gGrafana, gSolar) are there for your chart’s
these are groups

in my case everything with a tag gGrafana, it is saved in a database, so I can show it on a grafana chart

: DateTime Patronus_LastUpdate “Laatste Update [%1$tA %1$tR]” <clock> I like to now what this is.
I have this rule

rule “Records last Patronus_Day_Energy update time”
Item Patronus_Day_Energy received update
postUpdate(Patronus_LastUpdate, new DateTimeType())

this keeps track of the last time there was an update from fronius

4: Text item=Patronus_Day_Energy valuecolor=[>30=“green”,>25=“blue”,>15=“yellow”,>5=“orange”,<=5=“red”]

is this for your chart’s too.
no, I don’t have charts inside the openhab app
this changes the color of the text depending on the value.
when it’s low it’s red. when high green and some things in between

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before you work with groups, I would start with just a few items, and see what happens


Do your AC Power have 6 zeros at the end.
P.S love to see your rules for your graphics. Have not done anything like that yet but think this needs it.

Do your AC Power have 6 zeros at the end.

yes, I haven’t looked at it how to remove them.

I use grafana in influxdb , as explained here: