Frontail doesn't run after installing from 'openhabian-config' - How to Fix

I’ve just upgraded frontail by running openhabian-config :
openHABian Configuration Tool — [main]{2022-07-19T14:44:28-06:00}(24177c0) │ openHAB 3.3.0 - Release Build .
After installation, the frontail service would not start. On looking at the error 'package "cookie" not found' I did a bit more digging, and found that none of the required Node packages were installed. To rectify this, I went into the directory /opt/frontail and ran

sudo npm install

This installs all of the dependencies required by the frontail application, and the service started successfully after doing this.

Is this a step missing from the openhabian-conf app?

It looks like the installer does run the package installer with ‘npm install --force -g’, so the packages should be installed globally, whereas my method was only local to the app.

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