Frontail issues on new openHABian install

please be a bit more specific and describe what is not working as expected.
What is the problem with frontail is it just the layout/look-a-like or is it more ?
Any log entry / error message ?

The layout and formatting is messed up in the GUI. If I try to install it again with openhabian it does not fix the problem, unfortunately there is no uninstall/reinstall option in openhabian as far as I can see.

I didn’t post any details as I will just reinstall the whole machine, installing Ubuntu Server takes about 10 minutes, that’s much faster than trying to fix it, also I don’t know what else is messed up and I rather start again.

Here is a screenshot:


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Thank you for the hint! It seems to be the problem and a new install most likely will result in the same issue.
I posted some infos from my setup in this thread as well.

Stay on topic and open a thread per issue, please.
Moved your posts to this new thread.
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