Froscon 2018

Hi together,

The events section has an entry for the froscon in sankt Augustin on 25 +26 august this year and that oh Foundation will be there with a demo.

Are there any details known already?
The froscon homepage is not very informative…

I didn’t yet post much information on our event site, because there wasn’t any official confirmation yet.
Facts are:

  • I will be at FrOSCon this year
  • I applied for a table for the openHAB Foundation in the exhibition area
  • I submitted a talk about openHAB, which has been accepted (got the notice just a few days ago)!

So thanks for creating this topic as I planned to reach out to the community for this in any case: As I cannot do the talk AND the table, we will definitely need more people to be present - it would be really cool if a few other people from the openHAB community would come to FrOSCon, so that the time at the table could be shared among those and everybody has enough time to also attend talks and chat elsewhere.
@Confectrician As you are asking: Would you be interested to join in? Would be really cool and a nice opportunity to meet face-2-face!

It’s only an hour from my home to Sankt Augustin and i know some students from over there, so basically i would be interested in helping out fur sure.
Definetely better reachable for me than Darmstadt or Ludwigsburg (alltough i plan to attend there too).

I will add an entry in my calendar.
Maybe you can give an update if there is a schedule for the talk.

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I will try to attend, created a blocker in my calendar.