FrOSCon 2019

Perfect. :+1:


unfortunately in August many deadlines will collide, from back-from-holidays to school’s start to FrOSCon to Maker Faire to my photographic exhibition… I won’t be able to attend I’m sorry :frowning:


Small push.

We are currently three helpers for the Froscon 2019.
Some additional help would be very appreciated.

Smarthome will be one of the “focus topics” for this years convention,
so it would be nice to show some presence over there. :slight_smile:

Don’t miss the deadlines for applying for the table! Afaik, it is in 3 days already.

The application is already done. :+1:

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" we are happy to tell you that you will get a booth at FrOSCon 2019 (10.-11.8.2019). Every project will get at least one table, two chairs and a wall behind the booth for posters. There will be the usual
infrastructure with one Ethernet and a power outlet at every booth, too."

And: my talk about the smarthome thing is accepted too :slight_smile:


Great, that’s good news, congrats!

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Good news indeed. I received a mail too for that.

So again:
Everyone is invited to join us.
Currently we are 2,5 people for the booth and this means long days for everyone.
We would be very pleased if some of you join forces with us to run the booth.

Will definitly come around and say hallo to you guys.

If you need anything on short notice just let me know. I’m living not far from away from the location.

Is there a plan for an evening event / sit together?

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There is no event planned so far since we are only two attendees currently.
We would be very glad to meet you there.
Maybe you can join us for one or two hours at the booth.

Stephan is holding a talk on saturday and i would be alone during this time.

Are you there on Sunday as well?

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I plan to visit FrOSCon on Sunday.

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Wish that this was closer to South Africa. would loved to have been Abel to go.
same with the openhab show.

but this side we have KragDag. will be attending that devenitly

Hope it is Fun

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Dont forget @splatch. he joins us :slight_smile: but we definitely need more ambassadors because:

  • its fun to see us in real
  • there a more people asking questions than ambassadors
  • its good to have a rest and other ambassadors take the hat for the booth

See you in a few days :slight_smile:

Hey there, sorry, just have seen the thread … I will be there, also. Introducing the Smart Public Building with OH in the Scientific Track (right after your talk, @luckow). Also there on Sunday and surely can take a shift at the booth!


Would be a pleasure as always Myriam. :slight_smile:

Good morning,

We had a successful first day @ our froscon booth.
It was well visited, like last year and we had many interesting talks and found some possible ambassadors for the future.

We are over there today too and are excited for many additional talks with you and all other interested people. Come over to join us. :slight_smile:

I will try to push some updates via Twitter today. Hopefully i can get some spare time for this today. :smiley:
Make sure to follow the openHAB accounts for this.
Since i can’t feed them via mobile i may provide some impressions via my own twitter handle.

Can’t wait to meet you later.



Great to meet you guys again during my surprise visit! :crazy_face:
Wish I could be there longer but I know the stand was well-manned and @luckow’s talk was great (I hear ;)), check it out here:

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Thanks @Confectrician and @luckow for being our ambassadors for those two days, that was great! I hope you had a good time - I already watched the talk from @luckow and recognised quite some of the slides :wink: .

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Hi all,

I also want to thank all of you volunteers, who made our second visit @ froscon a success.
We had two impressive days with many interesting talks.
I want to thank @mguedey for helping out spontaneously. :slight_smile:

We were also able to start some networking and maybe won some persons as possible volunteers for events in the future. So i want to say thanks in advance to them already.

We have also spotted some things that could (and should) be improved, when we are on the road,
We collected some ideas already and i will open up a discussion thread for this in the next days.

Have a nice week. :slight_smile:

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