FS20 Binding added but not visible

Hi all,

I am new in openhab and I must admit i am also not experienced in Linux.

I have istalled via the Paper UI the FS20 binding. It is showing me the Option unistall so , i Interpret it is succesfully installed.

However I cannot see any Option in the Inbox for FS20. I have succesfully installed just for fun homematic and Network bindings i can add items for those bindings.

Anyone any help how to get FS20 working?


Check against the docs if you maybe missed something :grinning:


Thank youv yery much . If i have got it right. I should see on the itembox the binding Independent if I have a HW installed or not. This is however not the case.

FS20 is an 1.x binding, so you have to configure it using text files (fs20.cfg)

You won’t see the binding when hitting the plus sign in your PaperUI inbox: that only works for 2.x bindings.