FS20 - I am close but not yet there - please help

So I am trying to get my FS20 switch running on OPENHAB2.2 on PI3b and now with an original Busware CUL.

I would say - I am close - but not yet successful!
Using the screen commando on ttyACM0 I am getting something like
and the related switch switchs using the remot control.
So I am confirmed with my own calculation I did before for this switch and houscode

Here my config files:


Switch Test “Test” { fs20=“CD9B13” }

sitemap fs20 label=“FS20 Test”
Frame {
Switch item=PowerSocket label=“Test”

Now I can see the FS20 entry in BASIC EU but nothing happens when I switch it!!!
What is missing here?

Thanks a lot

Switch item=Test

Yeah Works!!! Thanks a lot,
So at the end it was just the wrong logic I used in sitemap and items!!

New Questions from a Beginner:

  1. Can I only use the FS20 items in BasicUI or also in e.g. HabPanel or PaperUI?
  2. Can I combine Z-Wave Movement detector to switch the FS20 Switches maybe in HabPanel?
  3. Do I need to enter a rule in HabPanel for this - Maybe somebody has an example for me?

And important here:
For others now the example with a working logic:
(I wasn´t successful using another non-busware CUL, just with the original busware CUL it´s working)


Switch Schalter1 “Beliebige Beschreibung” { fs20=“CD9B13” }

sitemap fs20 label=“Beliebige Beschreibung”
Frame {
Switch item=Schalter1 label=“Beliebige Beschreibung”

  1. yes, in all graphical interfaces
  2. yes
  3. not in HABPanel, but yes, in a rules file

Thanks a lot, (Your answers are not really long:slight_smile:

  1. So in the example “Item Presence_Mobile_John” could be a Zwave item and
    "Wallplug_FF_LR_TV" could be FS20 switch?
    Then these names used are my defined items doesn´t matter if FS20 or ZWAVE?

  2. Can I flexible use such rules in all UIs means Paper, Basic and HabPanel?

rule "Wallplug_FF_LR_TV ON"
Item Presence_Mobile_John changed from OFF to ON

rule "Wallplug_FF_LR_TV OFF"
Item Presence_Mobile_John changed from ON to OFF

  1. yes
  2. yes, rules alter your items states, so you are using updated/switched item states in your UI’s

Time is short and costs money :rofl:

So I added now my Z-WAVE stick AOTEC GEN5, it allocates the ttyACM0,
and the busware CUL is getting ttyACM1.

OK, no problem changed it in my FS20.cfg, but …

FS20 not working anymore how often I restart - nothing!

BTW: I see that Z-WAVE stick in PaperUI config shows me serial port ttyACM0 twice??