FS20 openhab2

i’m trying to install FS20 Binding separately, because the one which paper UI doesn’t work at all.
how can i install new binding, when i have the jar file of it, without using the user interface?
can anyone help me!

You have to put the .jar into the addons folder. For locations see here

i put the .jar file in addons folder, but it didn’t work

That would be the way to install.
Let’s dig for the real problem, which could be sone where else.
What makes you think it doesn’t work?

well i used MQTT message to be send when the sensor changed from on to off, but it didn’t work

What device are you using to send the messages, for example I’m using a CUL stick.

#for FHZ1000

i used the same device and the same binding which works on openhab1

I don’t know that one. Does it give any feedback, in order to be sure it is working ( which is the problem with CUL sticks).
Other then that I’m out of ideas, since I’m not using any binding / hardware of your setup. Sorry

thank you very much
it flashes when i connect it to my PC

If it worked on OH1 and this binding is listed to work for OH2 ( which I think it is ) it should work as before!
Since you used it before, all the common config problems could be ruled out, I think.

i hope to find solution to my problem, thank you very much