Full example of controlling HM-CC-RT-DN thermostat, rules, sitemap, items

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the Homematic thermostat HM-CC-RT-DN is more complicated than it looks at the first glance. I have put together a working configuration (OH 1.7.1) consisting of all the items, rules, sitemap required control these thingies. Adding in some NetAtmo public data (without using the binding) and a remote control for switching both a lamp and the thermostats leads to a quite complex configuration spiced up with nice graphs.

It runs on a Raspi 2 and uses Homegear for the radio interface to the devices.

A great detail about is described here (only in German – sorry…): my Homegear forum entry
The configuration is available as download. The thread contains quite a lot of details about this thermostat.

Maybe someone will find it useful…

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Thanks a lot for your example! Always interesting to see other configurations.

I didn’t know about NetAtmo and I’m trying to integrate your solution into my setup. I found a public station nearby and managed to get its device_id. Can you please explain how I can get the module_id now?
So far your script only extracts the pressure as this is the only request that doesn’t need a module_id.

I’m also using one HM-CC-RT-DN (which is why I stumbled on your post), but didn’t implement a lot of rules for it yet.

Hi pgruetter,

to figure out the available stations and their modules (and thus getting all the required IDs), take a look here: NetAtmo-getpublicdata. The initial setup is required only once (or if the stations change…).

  1. Define a small geographic rectangle around the area you are interested in.
  2. Make the API call to getpublicdata and look at the JSON output.
  3. Select the stations of your choice…
  4. Use the station and module IDs for the script.

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Perfect! Thanks a lot for the fast response, works like a charm. Will try to integrate this into my setup now.