Fun project: kotlin scripting for openHAB

You were never my fan. Why start now.
Go ahead delete my account and posts.

I do hope that no one will delete your posts, they are definitely a “how not to act inside a community” example.
I do hope though that your rage will disappear, and that you will thoroughly read the feedback you had from this community’s members and reconsider at least the attitude!
You, “my dear”, have been rude!


Well, good luck to you all. I also want to show the world how the community is cocky with new ideas and new person.

If you got nothing to contribute to Kotlin ideas, please leave the thread.

Please show us some work in Kotlin (I don’t think anyone has seen any, you have posted only some ideas on how a Kotlin script should look like in your opinion, but no viable code on how this is achievable), so we can contribute!
Do you have any code that might interest us?
Thank you, again!
Again, I must say that after all the back and forth, you are pushing further than anyone should!

Thanks my friend. I have nothing against anyone in particular, but lets say good luck to each other.



Thanks! You are right!

Rich, my friend, don’t let me or anyone bring the dark out of your heart. Even I feel bad when I do that to a special friend like you.
I play tricks to search for darkness in peoples hearts.

Yep, thought the same from his firsts posts …


Asvilabs India, is committed to Kotlin and ESH integration. Anyone who does not want to contribute constructively is advised to stay away from the thread. We appreciate all the inputs from senior members so far.

Mr. Rich, the Kotlin extensions we will be contributing in open source will not disrupt any ongoing development processes. Those will be optional components. Those who like the new extensions will contribute in that language. The maintainers will have no additional load of approval/design/discussion/code review cycles.

This is a community process. No one should be in position to bash new ideas based on their personal judgments. Otherwise, please don’t advertise it as open community. We are perfectly fine with closed companies and teams.

Metadata is not yet very structured. its just a tagging mechanism for alexa and sisters. when I say abstractions, I mean specific systems like HVAC, the app developer gets a nice API for manipulating HVAC system, regardless of the hardware and binding at a given site.
We will support metadata as well, as part of Kotlin integration. There will be a provider. But the goal is much larger than that. The alexa integration, we will re-write as per new abstraction system.

The code has taken shape and licensing is under heavy debate at my firm. Be patient and be kind to the very people who are trying to help you.

Myself as a Civil Engineer, and also as a HVAC engineer, must say that if you really do that in an open source project you will take down the whole industry giants!
Best luck to you and your supposed team!

I have seen no help from you, nor have I asked. IMHO, licensing is so straight forward that it has no meaning in an open source software development team, unless the team is a lawyer based team!

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Have some faith my friend! You don’t know a lot of things happening at my end. Be kind. :slight_smile:

Why should I?

True, why should I care?

I am. :wink:

What would be the abstract API for HVAC system? I am glad I got an expert with me here.

This is not only off-topic, it has nothing to do with openHAB. If you would like to open a discussion about HVAC systems, this is not the place!

It is kind of on-topic, because we are building an infrastructure that allows developers to write re-usable code. Re-usablity is possible only when right abstractions are in place. We have worked out abstractions for RGB lights, dimmable lights, dimmable fans, appliances, water pumps, pipelines, and much more. It would be nice if you share abstract HVAC api as well. There must be something common across all HVAC systems. Then we can also look into data mining, patterns learning (deep neural nets), etc.