Future of openhab ui

Hello together,

i want to set up a ui for my openhab system! Now my question is which ui will be the best for the future of openhab? Which is the prefered UI from all of you? Or maybe there will be a new UI in the near future!?

I’m looking forward to a lively exchange with u :slight_smile:


What is the best for you will depend on your specific requirements and configurations.

For me, I try to design my house to be UI-less so I follow the path of least resistance. That means IFTTT applet for my wife and a Tasker task on my phone to open the garage. Everything else just happens on its own based on state and events from sensors. My UIs are mainly administrative to monitor or exercise things during testing. It was easiest for me to use BasicUI and sitemaps for this.

HABPanel going forward will probably be more and more the default UI but I don’t think it will break through as the default preferred UI until/unless phone apps are developed. One can use HABPanel through myopenhab.org but only through a browser and there are a few features in the phone apps that do not work with that approach (OH online/offline status, background notifications when the browser is closed, etc).

I like HABPanel because with a little bit of skill one can create custom widgets and have a lot of control over the look and feel of the UI. It also is a little sparse and blocky which makes for a great touchscreen UI. There are tons of continued development ongoing and many custom widgets posted here.

But it does take more work to set up. It’s worth it if you are creating a UI that people will actually use and appreciate it is well worth the effort. But if you are like me it is more work than its worth.

I know there is a following for CometVisu but I’ve no experience with it. Habmin has a lot of potential but I don’t know if Chris has had much time to work on it in quite some time. There are several third party UIs that are compatible and that some people use as well but I’ve no experience with them.

I have no knowledge of any new UIs coming down the line.

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