GA, IFFT and direct integrations

So now that IFTTT has changed it’s model, and only wanting basic controls over my items - What is currently the best way to do it with GA? I mostly just use the app on my phone but it’d be nice to have a few things working on GA again and expand on it a bit.

I am running my own instance of OpenHabCloud due to the issues with it a couple of years ago. However it would seem that I can’t use that if I am wanting to use the google home addin as-is.

Is myopenhabcould now back working/reliable enough for me to migrate back over to that instead and just use the default integration?

There is so much OLD information on here that is not clear that it’s not the current recommended method for doing things - It makes it very hard for someone to track if they are not constantly on these forums and active in the community.

i.e Under announcements there is a link to this (which is not very thorough documentation anyway)
but that seems like it has been replaced with this (with the limitation of only connecting to myopenhabcloud).

So confused as to what I should be doing.

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The Github link is for installing the Google Assistant Action on your own server. The openHAB link is for using the Google Assistant Action with

If you want to keep using your own cloud server, follow the Github instructions. The documentation won’t tell you anything about that. is stable, and has been since the ability to expose items for IFTTT was disabled over a year ago. You can use webhooks to send commands from openHAB to IFTTT, but there’s no way to use IFTTT to control openHAB items.

Does that help?

It does I think. I was not aware the IFTTT exposure was disabled (I have not used it in ages anyway and now that they want to charge for it, i’m less inclined). My concern was the reliability of the cloud service previously, and at the time the only real option was setting up my own.

If it’s now more reliable, I might as well just migrate back to myopenhabcloud and use the native integrations I guess. Much easier than trying to set it up on my local server (I’m of well technical mind but those instructions were making a few assumptions that I could not work out)

Yep, the ability to expose items was disabled in August 2019, because it kept overloading the Mongo DB. Since then, I’d guess that has gone down less than five times, and never for the same reason.

I use the Google Assistant Action with myopenhab cloud and have very little downtime I can remember once that I couldn’t use it for a min or so in the last 12 months.

This is an item from a simple switch that uses GA and MQTT

Switch Anabel_light "Anabel Light" { ga="Light", synonyms="Anabelle Light", channel="mqtt:topic:myMQTTBroker:fan2:Power1" }