GA sensores

Does anyone know if ga=sensor is actually working?
I´m trying to add the Co2 sensor of the Netamo indoor unit. But I end up with an “empty” icon (shield with an configure wheel) in the GH app when I try to add it. I have tried to figure out the setting for this device, but I simply cant.

The sensor is reporting numeric, and according to this link Actions on Google Smart Home  |  Google Developers
CarbonDioxideLevel is suppose to be working, somehow. I also tried with CarbonMonoxideLevel with an without states.

This is how my items look like:

Number                  NetamoIndendoersCo2                       "Netamo Indendørs Co2 [%d ppm]"                                                       <carbondioxide>                 { channel="netatmo:NAMain:596342d0e0:70ee502727e6:Co2", ga="Sensor" [ sensorName="CarbonMonoxideLevel", valueUnit="PARTS_PER_MILLION" ] }

Maybe you know, @michikrug ?

To be honest, I also never got it working somehow.

I only implemented the given behavior, but have no clue how to interact with those devices. Sorry.

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Okay, I´ll not invest more time in this, as I think this is something thats either doesnt work, or Google has some issues with it. Thanks for letting me know.

What may work with sensor devices is the “Notification” part where you could actively be informed when some state change has been detected.
BUT, this can currently not be implemented in the scope of this integration as OH would need to actively push state changes to Google’s SmartHome Cloud.

I did an experiment once with the Door Bell type that actually works, but needs heavy customizations on the users side as a custom OH Cloud instance, a custom OH GA instance and some custom scripts on the OH instance.

I dont have patient to do all those custom based stuff :smiley:

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I totally can understand :smiley: