Garage Opener

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I own a garage with remote opener (Zapf ImpulseBasic with remote). I would like to include it into my Home Automation Setup (currently I only track the status open/ closed with a Door Sensor Device) so that I can open and close the garage within OpenHab (and see the status).

Has someone here experience how I could manage to do that?

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What are the pinouts on the garage door unit? Are you able to use an ESP8266 to drive a relay to send a request to the door unit? Does the door unit allow you to interact with it’s current state? Open/Closed/50% etc? I tried looking up the details of the door unit briefly, but my German is rather poor…

Here’s how I did it

Thanks for the hint… looks like there is a pinout for that (see pictures attached and marked elements in yellow).

Would anticipate that I could look for an ZWave (as I am using that in other parts of my house) relay for triggering that, right?

Not sure about the pictures I’m afraid, but I have a somfy motor on my garage door. It has a no voltage contact that toggles the motor on or off, it’s a simple toggle that sends it up or down depending on what it did last time. I use a microswitch to monitor if it’s open or closed. I then use an ESP8266 running ESPEasy to monitor the microswitch and to send a pin high for a moment that toggles a relay and then the output of that toggles the no voltage contact on the door control. It works quite well… Don’t know if that helps.

You will need a device with a “dry contact” for this. I’m using a Shelly-1 for this, and it is working perfect.

You only have to wire the “I-Pin” from Shelly to your Pin 1 and the “O-Pin” from shelly to your Pin 2 (or reverse). In shelly i confiured a “auto-off” so it is simulating a button press for 1 sec.

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To add another “here’s how I did it” I use an RPi with a relay. Instead of wiring the relay directly to the motor I wired it directly to the button on the wall. As others have mentioned, I set a timer so it goes high for half a second and returns to low, simulating a button press. And as Jorggs describes, the opener moves in the opposite direction it previously moved, or stops if it was in motion already.

I have a reed switch on the door wired to other GPIO pins to monitor whether the door is open or not and I use a RaspiCam to monitor the door when I trigger it remotely but do not have eyes on it.

I’ve recently put in a Wyse camera in the garage so the camera requirement is gone so I plan on rebuilding it using an ESP.

This was my very first home automation project.

Currently looking into that solution, as it seems easy and straight-forward. @Vradatta, how do you use the Shelly-1 in the Openhab environment (as there is no specific binding)? HTTP?


There is a Binding :wink:

But MQTT would also be possible


Just wanted to close the thread by saying thank you to you all, especially @Vradatta!

It works like a charm. Shellys are great devices!