Garbage collection on MAPDB persistence

Is there a way to delete unneeded items from a MAPDB file?

I think my MAPDB file is corrupt because some items are not restored correct and OH gives me an error. If I rename the related items to different names all is OK.

Is there a way to edit the MAPDB file to delete unneeded entries of no longer existing or not needed items? I do not want to delete the MAPDB file itself because then all my persistance is lost

MapDB stores its values in a binary file so you won’t be able to edit the file directly.

Since MapDB only stores the most recent value, are you really losing much if anything by deleting it and starting over? It isn’t like you are losing a bunch of history.

not really.
I would loose all of my item values from items not connected to a real devices. But, yes, can be handled.

I will try it.