Garden Lighting

Living in a rural homestead it gets real dark without any street lights, etc around. I was thinking about installing some garden lighting for when I arrive home. Can anyone offer any product suggestions?

Being on solar power I can run either 230v (transformed back down to 12v or whatever) or 12v setups straight from a battery.

Ebay throws up a few Wifi controlled systems such as;

So it should be possible to figure out the protocol… has anyone had any experience attempting something like this?


For closure I decided to go with a Sonoff enclosed in a IP66 box and standard garden lighting basically because the protocol is already figured out and it will cost about the same.

I can very much recomend Osram GardenPoles. They are very nice. build quality is excelent. RGBW with wifi to zigbee gateway. Can by set to nice 2400K white. They gateway has some API but honestly I just set them up once to start in nice white and just switch them on with a single relay.

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Greetings my dear,

Thank you for sharing this product. However I have questions:

  • Is it addressable, so it can be controlled individually?
  • And what about zigbee, as I know the distance is short and of course the controller will be inside?

You can control every chain individualy but not every separate light. Range is reasonable I have controller inside and receiver is next to first light, one 45cm wall in stone and 10m of free space

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