Garden Office - Lights and Security

I’m in the process of getting a garden office built and it’s getting to the to point that I need to make some decisions on how to automate the lights and what to do about an alarm in it.

At the moment, I’m using openhab to control some lights and other things in the house via Zwave and Mqtt. I’ve got a couple fibaro dimmers in there as well.

Firstly the lights, ideally I want to control two circuits of leds lights (one outside the office, one inside) but unsure of what type of lights to get and/or control circuity to make the integration easy.

Secondlng the alarm… I’d love to use zwave stuff - but to be honest, some of the off-the-shelf kits from Yale look better and are smart too… I’ve love to know what other’s have done with security either integrated in OH or not and why not).

Any help, idea’s is most welcome!
Thanks John