Gardena Binding - Items not Connected to Thing - What am I doing wrong?

Hi all, I guess it is a stupid oversight on my side but I don’t find the answer.

I’m running OpenHAB 2.5.6, using the “Gardena Smart Home Binding”, just newly installed a Gardena Irrigation Control unit. Valves are not yet connected but the Irrigation Control unit is active and visible.

As usual I prefer the configuration via file (not adding Things via Inbox), so this is my .things file:

Bridge gardena:account:home [ email=“XXX”, password=“XXX”, apiKey=“XXX” ]
Thing irrigation_control myIrrigationControl “Gardena Bewaesserung” [ deviceId=“XXX” ]

I see the Gardena Account “Online” in the PaperUI and I also see the Irrigation Control Thing “Online”.

Now I try to add items. While I do not necessarily expect Valve specific data to be there already (although I named the Valves already in the Gardena App), I would expect at least the “Common_Name” to be there. This is parts of my .items definition:

String Gardena_Common_Name “Name” {channel=“gardena:irrigation_control:home:myIrrigationControl:common#name”}
String Gardena_Valve_1_Name “Gardena V1 Name” {channel=“gardena:irrigation_control:home:myIrrigationControl:valve_1#name”}

I do see the items in Paper UI in the Items list but they do not seem to be connected to the irrigation control Thing.

What am I doing wrong? I guess it is a simple mistake and any help is appreciated.

Note that I don’t know the Gardena binding!

Do the channels you appear in PaperUi at all?
If they appear confirm the used syntax in the {channel.. part matches the ones displayed in PaperUI.

Thanks for the quick reply!
Actually, I just discovered that there is a Gardena Binding Version “Latest” that uses the “irrigation_control” type for the Smart Irrigation Control device / thing. There is, however, also a Binding Version “2.5” that uses “ic24” for the Smart Irrigation Control.

Looks like I have the Binding version “2.5.6” (I installed it many months ago but never used it). And I guess these are two quite different bindings because namings of channels, etc. seems different. So that explains why it didn’t work.

When I use “ic24” then I see a few Items connected to the Thing now. Most I don’t see due to the different structure / syntax / naming I guess.

Now I need some more help because I have two more questions / issues:

  • Is the Gardena Binding Version “latest” also working with OpenHAB 2.5.6 or is it OH 3.0 only?
  • I wanted to uninstall the current Gardena Binding to see if I get a newer version to be installed. Problem is, I cannot uninstall. When I click the “Uninstall” button, it rotates forever but the binding doesn’t disappear. Tried several times. How can I uninstall this binding?

Any help much appreciated! Thanks!

The “latest” would be referring to OH3, however IMHO installing a binding from the UI would automatically use the most recent useable for the version.
How did you install this binding, if it was installed by means of an entry into a .cfg file removing from the UI doesn’t work.

If I understand correctly from the forum and github, I think the binding got adapted because of Gardena API changes. It looks like the version 2.5.8 of the binding supports the new structure that I would need. I have the .jar file of that version at hand, in case required.

First, however, I need to get rid of the current version. I didn’t install it via addons.cfg (never did that) and it is not a .jar file in the addons folder, so that confirms it must have been installed via UI. Any advice how to get rid of a binding that does not uninstall itself?

Quick feedback:
I tried the old trick with removing the cache and tmp folders. Well, luckily I made a copy of them before I deleted them (after stopping OpenHAB). When restarting OpenHAB after folder deletion, I got a weird error message that basically told me it could not load any bindings and also no PaperUI, etc. … so I basically had a blank non-working installation.

I stopped OH again, moved back the cache and tmp folders, restarted OH, and it came back. So it is working again but the Gardena binding is still there.

By that I assume my OH installation is kind of corrupted in any way. Maybe it is the opportunity for me to upgrade to OpenHAB 3.x now, potentially with a fresh installation. For that, I’ll ask a few more question in a new thread as it will be very unrelated to this topic.

The answer to my own question is probably: Hey, the OH installation is messed up, that’s why you cannot remove the binding. Of course, if anyone has any further ideas / infos, please kindly share them.