Gardena Binding - Minimum refresh interval

As I have not found any valuable information about my question I hope someone can put me in the right direction or at least has some own experiece.

So what ist the minimum refresh interval I can set for the Gardena Binding (Smart home account parameter)?
What I mean is which value is okay so that Gardena does not inhibit the access?

Currently I use the default value of 60 sec. But I would like to have a higher refresh rate to get more precise response from my Sileno.
I have already found some topics where people had issues already with these 60 sec (by which Gardena restricted the access) but that’s a while ago.

So what are your current settings? How far can we go down (with the refresh interval value)?


I don’t use the gardena system so I can only help a limited amount. However why don’t you just try it? When you set the interval lower to maybe 30 seconds and this is too much then the gardena api will tell you with an error message

Thanks for your reply, Felix!

Of course I could do that and maybe will do… soon… :thinking: :wink:
But beforehand I wanted to ask the community ere I get banned by Gardena :wink:

I will keep this topic updated if I have some news to tell.
Until then any further contribution is welcome :grinning:

Maybe you can ask gardena. Write them an email or it their forums (?)