Gardena Binding Pause Schedule not working correct


I’ve installed the latest OpenHAB on my Raspberry 4B and activated your Gardena Binding to use my Gardena Smart Water Control, Sensor and Mower.

I want to pause and unpause the scheduling of my Water Control. The API says that you have to specify a time until the schedule should be paused. Also the API allows to pause forever until you manually unpause the schedule.

Your binding does not allow those values. You can only pause or unpause the schedule, where ‘pause’ will be pausing the schedule for just one hour.

Could you please fix this or can you tell me how to pause forever or pause for e.g. 12 hours?


Has no one an idea? Currently the Gardena Binding is not useful with this issue :frowning:

I have a rule that checks every 30 minutes if it was raining etc and then sends a pause command to gardena. So long until it should not pause again …