Gardena: Connection of new Smart Sensor possible?

Did anybody of the community manage to connect the new Gardena Smart sensor with the binding?
I’m speaking about this one:


I think it’s not officially supported yet but maybe somebody found a way. What I tried is to manipulate the serial number of the old sensor in the jsondb but without success.

I have one of those. Or one that looks exactly like that. Didn’t need anything special, it was automatically discovered by the binding (about a year ago).

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I have it also working at my setup (oh 3.4)
It was discovered automatically after some minutes after i added ot to the gardena bridge

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Thank you for your answers which revealed the solution: You’re right: The new sensor is supposed. I still had the old sensor connected too and because of that the new one was not discovered.
After removing all sensors and reconnecting the new one the discovery worked.