Gardena Webservice restarting every 2 minutes

since a few days my Gardena Binding restarting the webservice every 2 minutes.
I can`t find a problem and web-research unfortunately do not point me to a solution so far.

Openhabian (openHAB 3.3.0 Release Build)
Binding Version 3.3.0

The log shows me:

==> /var/log/openhab/openhab.log <==

2022-11-25 16:17:41.254 [DEBUG] [rdena.internal.GardenaSmartWebSocket] - Connection to Gardena Webservice was closed (Gardena_Bridge-My Garden): code: 1006, reason: Disconnected

2022-11-25 16:17:41.258 [INFO ] [ng.gardena.internal.GardenaSmartImpl] - Restarting GardenaSmart Webservice (Gardena_Bridge-My Garden)

2022-11-25 16:17:41.259 [DEBUG] [rdena.internal.GardenaSmartWebSocket] - Closing Gardena Webservice (Gardena_Bridge-My Garden)

2022-11-25 16:17:44.262 [DEBUG] [ng.gardena.internal.GardenaSmartImpl] - Gardena API token valid

2022-11-25 16:17:44.264 [DEBUG] [ng.gardena.internal.GardenaSmartImpl] - Token expiration: accessToken: 2022-11-26T10:38:12.827983+01:00[Europe/Berlin], refreshToken: 2022-12-05T10:37:23.827890+01:00[Europe/Berlin]

2022-11-25 16:17:44.759 [DEBUG] [rdena.internal.GardenaSmartWebSocket] - Reconnecting to Gardena Webservice (Gardena_Bridge-My Garden)

2022-11-25 16:17:45.113 [DEBUG] [rdena.internal.GardenaSmartWebSocket] - Connected to Gardena Webservice (Gardena_Bridge-My Garden)

Is anybody able to help here?

In the last few months, there were a few issues due to changes in authentication on the Gardena web server. These were addressed in recent OH v3.4 Milestone releases. So you may want to either a) update from OH v3.3-Stable to OH v3.4-Milestone, or alternatively b) wait for OH v3.4-Stable coming real soon now…

Thanks Andrew,

since I do not really need the Gardena stuff during winter time :slightly_smiling_face:, I have no probs to wait until 3.4!

Will come back if it was successful after upgrade.

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