Garphs for sensors

I saw this and I must admit I’m very jealous!

Has anyone managed to get anything similar to this set up for openhab? We have all the data so it should be possible!

That is cool.

I have openhab writing events to influxdb. I also have grafana running on top of influxdb, so setting up a graph like that should be pretty straightforward.

I have a couple other priorities right now, but will try and give it a go, and then let you know how i make out.

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I’ve just switched over to influxdb, and set up grafana because it does look very powerful… but I’m still not sure it will produce the time series like that screen shot. I need to dig deeper :slight_smile:

have you had any luck getting this to work?

not for me yet.

i just posted on the grafana users board and seems it is not possible at this time.