GCAL Google Calendar Scheduler - save a longer calendar preview locally

As a last piece from my old FHEM installation I have now the Google Calendar Schedular running and I could consider turning FHEM off.
I´m controlling my heating and all radiators by my Google Calendar.
What I´m still concerned about: the Google Calendar Scheduler downloads by default every 15 minutes the calendar entries for the next 30 minutes (always the double of the download interval).
Now imagine the internet access is down, the calendar entries can´t be downloaded and the heating stays off in winter. I would have a hard time with my wife :rage:
My solution in FHEM was to download the next 3 days of calendar entries and store them locally. In case of no internet connection I parsed the local saved calendar copy. 3 days was a good time slot - my longest internet downtime was 2 days.
Ok, I could put the download interval to 1.5 days. Then I would have my 3 days. But I also need a short update interval to get noticed of changes.

I would like to start implementing in the binding:

  • configurable “preview distance” of the local copy
  • update the local stored copy with every download of the calendar entries
  • in case of boken internet connection use the local calendar copy.

Please let me know your opinion about this.

Like :slight_smile:
Have you started to develop the binding?

No, so far I did nothing - I first wanted to hear some opinions of my idea. At least one opinion I have now :rofl::rofl:
Summer time is not when I spend much time on my computer - maybe autumn I would start something.
Or if you would like to do something ???