Gcalendar schedule problem

I’m new to OPENHAB, I’ve installed gcalendar scheduler to handle items ON / OFF

I followed the following procedure:

I checked that for OH2 was the same (i have OH2)

I created a calendar dedicated to openHAB

I resumed the procedure three times, in all cases came to the end without problems
but the openHAB log returns the following lines:

unable to change permissions for everybody: C: \ openHAB2 \ userdata \ gcal
unable to change permissions for owner: C: \ openHAB2 \ userdata \ gcal

I’ve created a test event named LIGHTS in the description:
start {
send lights1 ON
end {
send lights1 OFF

and of course the service does not work.

I ask you for help
thank you


Same issues here. Did you ever find a solution?


it works only with the single command, ex:
send light ON
but if I insert more commands ex:
send light ON
send fan ON
send light OFF
does not work

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. I finally got it working using the start and end function, but only if I set a filter in the gcal.cfg file.