GCE binding not receiving digital input states from ipx800v3?


I’ve been using GCE binding with OH 3 for a while. This works quite well with my ipx800v3 outputs (relays), as I manage to open and close them from OH, as expected. Also, when some output is changed (either closed or opened) outside OH, the linked item in OH is updated, quite instantly. So far so good.

What confuses me is that I can’t have digital inputs behave the same : when they are changed outside OH, their state never get updated in OH.

I’m using a pretty straightforward configuration through OH3 UI. I’ve simply linked “relay” channels (outputs) to switch items - again, this works just fine - and “contact” channels to contact items - doesn’t work.

Has anyone met such behavior ? Is this a bug or some bad configuration ? What am I missing then ? or doing wrong ?