GDPR Killed Notify My Android in EU!

I’m sad to see that as of 25/05/18, NMA no longer works in the UK. Their website is unreachable too but a Google Cached version has a message saying that the risks of continuing were just too high.

Big shame - it worked great for me. Now half my OH 1.8 and Tasker integration is dead too (fire alarms, burglar alarms, instant system messages).

Can anyone recommend a replacement that both OH 1.8 and Tasker support?


cant you use the openhab app for android and send your instant notifications there i cant help with the rest


i’ve been using it for years and it now even includes the option to send images along with your messages.

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Thanks Sharpy but Tasker does a lot of other stuff on my Android that the OH clients can’t.

Thanks Snoekleboe. I’ll take a look at it!

i was just thinking it could help with the instant notifications part

I think there is a Puchbullet plugin for Tasker. Joaomgcd has an app called “Touchless Chat” that has full support for sending and receiving/reacting to messages in Tasker. I do not know the full range of messaging apps it supports.

If a company shuts down their services because of the GDPR, they must change too much, which means your data was maybe transmitted in clear text or maybe they sold all your data. I guess you should be happy about the GDPR.

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Not necessarily. NMA looks a whole lot like a side project for a very small group of developers.

If I were involved with something like NMA, I too would have shut it down rather than expose myself to the risk of hefty fines. Even defending oneself when falsely accussed can become too expressive to defend against which only leaves exiting the market.

Note that NMA is not just shut down for EU users. They have completely shut down.

Given this was in their privacy policy:

We do not, and will never, sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. We may release your information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect ours or others rights, property, or safety.

They were already breaking the law in the US and EU if they were tracking it selling your information to third parties already so I doubt GDPR would have changed their minds.

In my opinion, NMA was never more than a side project for more that one or two developers. And as a side project, it wasn’t something they were particularly interested in keeping up with. GDPR required significant changes to the service and website and they had no interest in interesting that kind of effort so they just shut it down.

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Take a look here to see what i currently use Pushover for

Thanks Roel

I just got this working fine with all my OH 1.8 rules :smile:

It’s better than NMA and I no longer need tasker to play sounds based on the message priority because its built-in.

Great suggestion.

I’ll take a look at Node-Red next. No idea what it is but it might be useful. I have a very complicated system and I’m a rubbish programmer. Good with hardware but only scraping by with programming.


I filed an issue to remove NMA from openHAB.