GE 12727 : No database entry

Hello community

I just recently started using openhab and managed to get a tilt sensor working. Now i’m trying to get my GE 12727 Switch added but i get the following

[.z.i.config.ZWaveConfiguration:288 ] - NODE 5: No database entry: GE [ID:3033,Type:4952]

I am currently using the latest org.openhab.binding.zwave-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT binding found at cloudbees but just wanted to ask around here if anybody has seen this. As this switch was supposed to be added to the database a few months ago.

I appreciate the help.

It was added to the OH2 binding, but not the OH1 binding. As I said on the Github issue, I will add this tomorrow.

Thank you Chris.

I’m new to this community so i’m still getting used to the different sites where i could find answers to already asked questions.

I was wondering if you were able to add it to the latest snapshot. I downloaded the latest snapshot and still showing as no item on database.

Hmmm - it looks like I added the files to the repo, but forgot to commit them… I’ve just done it now - sorry about that…

Thanks Chris i really appreciate that.

Should i wait until tomorrow to download the 1.90 snapshot?

Yes - it should be in tomorrows build if everything builds properly tonight…

Hi @chris. It would be really great if there would be some function in Habmin which would allow reading and modification of any parameter of any Z-wave device, even if it is not in database or recognized incorrectly. For example I have a device and I have manual for it, which lists all parameters. There can be the case, that this is some “exotic” device, which really exists only in my installation and it makes no sense to raise request of adding it to database. So rather than bothering you and waiting for binding update I would perform parameter change by myself quickly.
Since the control classes are standardized, the devices usually work from the box, even if they are unknown.

Perhaps it is realized already somehow?


Binding works.

Thank you.