GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Dimmer (14295)

Have been fighting an issue with one of my many Z-Wave Dimmer Switches not detecting scene changes. This is the only one I have of this particular older model. The Thing’s Dimmer Channel works fine, however the Scene_Number Channel simply never gets an update when double/triple tapping the physical switch; no log entries appear either.

As all of my other makes/models that provide a Scene_Number Channel are working great, is this possibly a problem with the Z-Wave Database entry for the 14295? I’m at a loss as to how to diagnose further short of factory resetting it (again); would appreciate any advice.


Following the binding documentation did not help?

Unfortunately no. Even in DEBUG mode, absolutely nothing gets logged on a double/triple tap of the switch, but single tap works perfectly fine. Odd!

BUMP! Is any one else here successfully using the GE 14295’s Scene_Number channel with openHAB v3? (And/or facing similar problems…)

Without unfiltered debug logs saying what is happening only your system has the answer. Even is somebody else had similar symptoms, they could very well have had a different underlying issue.

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Thanks @Bruce_Osborne - this is the first Z-Wave problem I faced after setting up 30+ Z-Wave devices spanning many OH channels. I will certainly dig deeper and see if the raw DEBUG logging shows anything of interest. I had actually previously posted the (only semi-filtered) raw logs but then redacted them here after I realized there was nothing different in them while comparing the effected nodes logs to other working Z-Wave nodes. Didn’t want to waste anyone’s time with studying a slew of redundant messages. :slight_smile:

I understand and respect this is a complex protocol; beyond any errors/warnings captured at a node level requests/responses, can you provide some suggestions as to other types of messages (i.e. keywords) to look out for? I had already dug in deep looking for anything specifically abnormal related to this Node ID (i.e. error/warn, at the DEBUG log level), but nothing stood out.

Note also I have done a TON of Z-Wave Network health testing using other tools like Simplicity Studio/Zensys Tools; they always comes back GOOD. It doesn’t seem related to my network setup but just this particular device & its Scene_Number channel only.

Much appreciated, man!

Only unfiltered logs are useful for troubleshooting.

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