GE Outdoor switch.. rev 2 is not completing binding

  • Platform information:
    RaspPi 3
    Raspbian OpenHAB OS/image

Recently saw my first gen GE Zwave outdoor switch crap out. Went to buy another one and saw Rev 2. Figured it must be better/newer… so got it. Adding it as I normally would, it shows up but says didnt finish binding and that it may not be in the database.

As my version of OpenHAB was from months ago, and this switch is fairly new, I can see why it might not be in a database… question is, how do I add it or update database to support this?

Seems OpenHAB releases very very slowly, so guessing it may not work until next version? Hoping there is a way to update the database without waiting for releases.

Please post the xml file generated by OH in the zwave folder in userdata.
You do not say what version of OpenHAB you are running but it is possible to update the zwave binding separately. The database is part of the binding. It is possibly already supported in a newer binding.

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The zwave binding is usually updated every week with new database entries, so you should be good to go after verifying your device type and id are in the database.

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