GE Smart Switch not throwing double tap scene event

What you see above from Shawn is a sample back-end item configuration. Items can be created and configured manually from the backend similarly - OR - you can use the Paper UI as I did. The issue I was having was that I allowed Paper UI to do the Item linking by enabling “Simple Mode” from the System Properties. The Scene Item was not enabled by default, so I simply went back and enabled it. Once this was done, I was able to proceed with ‘Double/Triple tap’ scene configurations and rules.

Ahh i see now - plus i got confused, you’re referencing a HomeSeer config while i’m struggling with the GE switches.

I have scene_number and it’s linked to an item… but nothing ever gets sent to it. I’ll keep digging, so far this is the only thing from SmartThings that i miss.

FYI - To my knowledge, GE does not support any ‘Instant Update’ capabilities. Only a couple of the zwave wall switch manufacturers pay for the license to have the instant update, Homeseer included.

GE would require you to implement some polling which I was not interested in and why I have gone with Homeseer switches.

So… I’ve been looking at this… I’m a bit out of my depth here but it seems like it should be possible to make the GE 14294 switch work for double/single taps. The device has 3 associations, all of which send to the controller by default.

1 – Lifeline, I think this uses the COMMAND_CLASS_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL_V1 class.
2 – BASIC group tied to the load of the switch (uses BASIC command class).
3 – BASIC group tied to double-tapping up/down.

My thoughts are that if I configure association 2 to not send to the controller, then I could essentially have two different items – one is tied to the lifeline (MULTILEVEL class) and the other tied to association 3 (BASIC class which is activated by the double-tap).

I have no idea how to make this happen… like I said, it just seems feasible. I may also be way off base with how to approach this… Thoughts? Any help is appreciated…


I have managed to get the double tap working with the GE/Jasco 14291. It required updating the ZWave XML definition from the database. I am waiting to get write access to the database so I can make the changes there (I suspect Chris may be on vacation). The changes feel a bit hacky to me but I don’t see a downside at the moment. This may be my general limited knowledge of ZWave but time will tell.

The bottom line is that I had to make three changes to the XML.

  1. add associations 2 and 3 to the XML definition
  2. update the switch_binary channel to only be bound to the COMMAND_CLASS_SWITCH_BINARY
  3. add a new channel for switch_doubletap that is bound to the COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC

Once this was manually loaded into the jar file of the zwave add on and placed in the /usr/share/openhab/addons I had to delete the thing for the 14291 in openhab and re-add it so that the new channel would appear and configure it so that association 3 is sent to the controller. I can then use that channel anywhere I needed it. The first test was in a rule to trigger the christmas tree lights to come on or off.

The hacky bit is needing to remove the binding for COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC from the load switch (single tap). There may be a way to determine from this command class if it is a single or double tap but, without removing the command class, OpenHab makes no distinctions between single and double tapping.


Anyone have an update to this? Id really like the ability to use the double tapping feature of these switches but when i add the thing to Openhab (with simple mode off), i only get the option for 1 item, the dimmer.

If someone has this working and wouldnt mind walking me through it, i would appreciate it!

I cant find anything that looks like your file. Can you give the location of the files you edited to get the GE switch to initiate a doubletap event?

I’m sorry I’ve not been using OH for over a year now so honestly I couldn’t remember or begin to point you where this may be. Sorry. Just got this notification via email and didn’t want to leave you hanging.

I have been following along somewhat on the ongoing ZWave add-on development and it may be (not confirmed) that manually updating the database as I did may not be supported in future versions so I haven’t updated to Openhab versions more recent than last December. This may mean that the steps I followed won’t work for you.

I am attempting to attach the XML for the 14291 and 14294. If you are able to manually update the add on and add it to your installation, they will enable the double tap.

Ultimately I need to get write access to the ZWave Database but I have not been successful in getting that access yet. I suppose I will have to try again.

14294_0_0.xml (8.2 KB) ge14291_0_0.xml (4.0 KB)

Thanks for posting those. My XML files under /var/lib/openhab2/zwave/ look very different than your files do so I am not sure I am looking at the correct file location or maybe openhab has gone through some major updates. I am uploading my .XML file here so you can compare.

network_d52dfa95__node_6.xml (13.9 KB)

You need to:

  1. manually install the zwave binding. (This script should do the work but I haven’t personally tried it )
  2. Stop openhab
  3. update the jar file with the new XML files (I used these instructions as a base. Modify a zwave binding jar to add/change a zwave device while waiting for a build )
  4. Start openhab

@chris Any chance I can get zwave database write access? WRXIzumi on the database site.

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@WRXIzumi – were you able to get access? If not, I do have access and could maybe help out here… thing is, I’m not too terribly familiar with what exactly would need to be done…

Unfortunately, no, I haven’t managed to get access. I also am not fully familiar with the format that the database itself requires but I figure it must follow some of the format of the XML files themselves since they are generated from the database.

The up side is that in my installation the double tap has been 100% reliable.

Any updates here? I think this may be something I need to tackle. Unfortunately I have a lot of these:

GE 14291 (ZW4005) In-Wall Paddle Switch

And they don’t trigger a scene number update when I double press. My newer Honeywell switch

39348 In-Wall Smart Switch

triggers properly every time for me.

I have finally upgraded to 3.x and find that the double tap feature in these two devices has not yet made it into the database. I have registered with the new site @chris has created and opened a ticket to request update access. Fingers crossed.

I have found that I can still manually update the XML in the add-on and get my switches up and running. My wife has come to rely on the double tap to turn on different accessory lights so this was a high priority for the upgrade.

I have had 100% reliability in the double tap feature on these devices. There have been zero unintended side-effects from the changes I made. I have also dug much deeper into the Z-Wave protocol to better understand how it fits together to try and see if there was any better way to implement these in openhab. I couldn’t find one due to the limitations of this hardware.

I am uploading the versions of the XML from OpenHab 3.

14291_0_0.xml (4.4 KB) 14294_0_0.xml (8.4 KB)

I cant find any ticket - I’m not sure when you created this, but there have been no tickets in the system in the past 48 hours.

That would be because my session timed out before I clicked “Save” and stopped responding. In my subsequent attempts to save, it seems that I spammed you with tickets, my apologies!

Hopefully only one ticket remains open.

Thanks - that’s done :slight_smile:

Thanks much Chris, I have updated the two devices and submitted them for review. The only thing I couldn’t figure out is how to add additional supported command classes. The 14294 supports scene activation and scene actuator configuration command classes but are not listed in the database.

It doesn’t make much difference to me since I don’t use that functionality since I use OpenHab directly to manage scenes I just like to make things as “correct” as I can. This, of course, is both a positive and negative in my life. :slight_smile: