GE Switches not being discovered

OK - so I’ll start with the confession - no I didn’t check the supported devices database before buying a pair of GE Enbrighton wall switches. Even so - I would expect them to be detected and I’m not seeing anything. Setting the log level to debug isn’t showing me anything that looks definitive - although I really don’t know what I’m looking for.
{Edit - I need to double check these things - it’s under Jasco. Still not showing up though}

I think the z-wave stick is OK as it’s seeing the 4-way sensor just fine and reporting on the changing light levels.

I thought I’d read all the relevant docs (this is a clean install of OH3) but I’m quite capable of missing some. I’d appreciate some pointers on how to start debugging the issue.


Did openHAB create an xml file in the zwave folder of userdata for the device? Posting it here can help us identify it. Jasco does make a lot of GE branded Z-Wave devices.

Nope - just the usb stick (node 1) and the sensor (node 4).

I finally figured out the reset cadence, really, so at least I know the switch thinks it’s there.

{For future reference for anyone searching for this issue = the trick appears to be reset the switch - 3 upper presses then 3 lower - very quickly but it’s a particular cadence so much trial and error is required. Then start the scan and press either upper or lower for about 1 second. Any longer and it doesn’t get discovered.}

What model of switch?
The database is here.

GE 42601. See earlier edit - it’s insanely touch/time dependent to get it to work.

I assume you mean 46201 ? If so the entry is here.

Yeah - I do. Once you’ve learned the tap sequence it just shows up.

I really like the new UI in 3.0 BTW. It makes life so much easier.

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